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Monday 21 March 2011

I'm So Excited!

Observation/Article 6, March 21, 2011

I Got It.....Wow! The perfect Concept for My Design---I Got It -- 1145h on Mar. 21st./2011.  I Have The Perfect Theme For My Project!

Veterans Coming Home!  I won't reveal any more at this time---All I can Say Is Spectacular!  I've never had the time or the opportunity to Go after My Passion....I just want to Excel---this has to be an absolute Master Piece....All Canvas.---I haven't got all the pieces of the Puzzle at this point in time---but I've got all the basic challenges figured out---Stick With Me and Start one of London's Largest Project on "Giving Back" and "Passing Forward" all Because Of A Great Veteran:

Spitfire Pilot The Honorable Colonel Charley Fox---If we give back like Charley Fox---where would the world be?  Lets Start A Trend in Our City London, Ontario, Canada!
Each and everyone who participates will be recognized now and forever---Put your name to support this Trend-- All relevant help and participation in "Giving Back" will be passed Forward for our future generations to come...Charley Fox passed away but he does Not let that stop him--his Name and legacy moves forward.....

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