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Monday 11 August 2014

"Voting Post"

Observation/Article 27, August 11, 2014

Vote to Participate, one click and go! 

This was a gadget created to build momentum for the project...
That is if my design was ever among one that could be nominated by London Arts Council

My idea was to re-create a part of WWII

London Arts were thinking "Steel Statue!"

Art & History: For A Vibrant Conversation -- GOOGLE DOODLE!

Observation/Article 27, August 11, 2014

This has been a phenomenal task.... I began with an advertisement from London Arts Council London, Ontario, Canada. Then in a matter of minutes I was making my first ever Blog to highlight this Art Project.

I had never blogged before....and this is why I appreciate GOOGLE...they had me Blogging and sharing in a heart beat...  A lot of empirical research will tell you that the internet cannot impart meaningful education; I have to disagree!

I did not grow up in the computer age and never knew what I was missing... but when I started the vast reality that is online... I started using it to promote learning... However I also appreciate not having such tools growing up, because I wonder if this much would have impeded basic knowledge development!

What Do You Think Of My Google Doodle