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Juvenile Delinquency!

Saturday 1 December 2018


Observation/Article 45, Dec. 01, 2018

I enjoy most any type of music with rhythm and beat..


Saturday 30 June 2018

Happy Canada Day Weekend, 2018!

Observation/Article 44, June 30, 2018

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Friday 15 June 2018

Baccalaureate In Social Science - Criminal Justice

Observation/Article 43, June 15, 2018

An Incredible Journey Embarked Upon In 2014. Through Many Hurdles and Endless Hours of Reading Evidence Based Journal Articles (more than 100), Close to 30 Textbooks, Numerous Assignments; Individual and Group Work, to Many too Mention (always contributing more than my fair share), Numerous Quizzes, Advocacy Projects, Individual and Group Presentations, Tests & Exams, Not to Mention My Major Thesis Project (Worked on Independently), Finally This Week I Walked On Stage and Received the Reward of Adding; Ba.So.Sc. - Criminal Justice to Some of My Accomplishments.

Special Thanks To Humber Lakeshore Campus Library Faculty & Staff, For Their Patience and Generosity Assisting to Make this Journey more Attainable. Thanks to many of Humber's Excellent Teaching Staff with the Highest Degree of Excellence in Training & Field Experience, for making this Journey Endurable. Thanks to Toronto Transit for Assisting with my Commute To and From School, Making the Trip Affordable when I wasn't able to Find Safe, Affordable Parking for my Vehicle. Thanks To My Family For Respecting My Views and Tolerating My Decision To Continue My Studies. Finally, Thanks To All The Classmates That Worked Respectfully With Me On Class Projects - I Wish You Much Success In All Your Endeavors! I Always Picked The Best and Most Intelligent To Work With When Possible! Hint "The Guys Were Superior In Intelligence & Most Respectful In Their Behavior."