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Thursday 24 March 2011


Observation/Article 7, March 24, 2011

--Today April 28/2011--I'm planning to start this project this week, and I re-read my update, and holy do I ever set the bar high--hahaahaha!!  The full name and rank of my veteran tribute is:  The Honourable Spitfire Pilot Colonel Charley Fox,  of 412 Squadron . (his title deserves the utmost respect, updated through research).

I'm not going to be working on the Charley Fox Memorial Art Project.
--I'm extremely excited for the individual that will eventually be presenting the Veterans master piece for unveiling on Nov. 11/2011.
--I will be following the outcome
--I think it's a grand opportunity.
--I will no longer be promoting this particular project, but will continue to work on my long term goals.
--I will be starting my spring summer Art Project.  This year I will be doing my first Wall Art 12' x 8' wide.
--I haven't picked out the design or the theme as yet but I will also be giving Art classes and doing video promotion online.
--In respect for; The Honourable Colonel of 412 Squadron Charley Fox the man who dedicated his life for humanity--and whom I wouldn't have heard of if not for his contribution to the Arts.  I intend to also do a piece in rememberance of him, I will call this piece---A tribute to Charley Fox!  It's in contrast to the theme I had picked out for all Veterans. This is only a rushed graphic example not nearly what I have planned---just need the time and the focus---I won't start this project immediately but it's the first on my list!!
Goodnight All!