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Friday 29 August 2014

Creating Concepts To Identify Events In History!

Observation/Article 28, August 29, 2014

Concepts seeking to include Symbols for Allied forces in this Art Project.

The Honorable Spitfire Pilot Colonel Charley Fox didn't want the project he paid for to only talk about him or to exclude other Veterans... therefore the inclusion of Allied forces on that faithful day on Normandy shore was necessary....June 06, 1944!
History has it on June 06, 1944, the Honorable Spitfire Pilot flew 4 time over Normandy to assist troops on the ground.

Like many of us in tragedy, when we loose comrades or loved ones...we often wonder why? And Why Me?
Likely he was asked this question many times over his lifetime and felt a duty to leave a remembrance on behalf of all Veterans (Allied Forces).

To date my Art Project is half completed.

With the above question, Why Me? I often wondered if the Colonel thought he was robbed of some precious gift to lie with his comrades in battle in Normandy or in Flanders Field where poppies cover the ground...

The significance of the Poppy was also essential and so I created an Epitaph...Continuous research is what led to the final layout of this Art Project.