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Friday 8 July 2011

Moments In Time!

Observation/Article 19, July 08, 2011

Life is a complex Journey, Starting from conception -- Next there's Birth and Parenting, Through out childhood we're likely thought Right and Wrong! Therefore, we develop values, traditions, religious beliefs; All utilized in Decision-Making!
Reality is that which we can see, touch, smell, taste and know we are in the present; So too we create beliefs in what is termed good or not; Therefore, life, living and reality are terms that hold great expectations;
To discover new paths in life, or add meaning to our basic existence is not pursued in our reality; However, the basic existence is but a small vessel and capable of much more in the eternal reality; Sometimes we are given sight, to see more than is ordinarily possible; We gain strength from developing true understanding of our basic existence.
If only mankind could focus more on developing insights, that could mend pathways without fear; That are capable of more in the realm of humanity; We would not be in such predictament of continuous disruption..
We fear, what we're told to fear, and so we fail to see further than what's in front of us; We suffer an endless cycle of life and living without understanding our true meaning/purpose!
Therefore, we segregate anything that appears different; We label different, so the rest of society could also continue such segregation; Normalization, what exactly is normal, why is there different? And why does everything have to be fixed too make sense to us?
By: Joy Kissoon


Observation/Article 19, July 08, 2011

Following my Heart!

Observation/Article 19, July 08, 2011