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Tuesday 8 March 2011

Charley Fox Information

Observation/Article 1, March 08, 2011

The following information was provided by The London Arts Council.

Charley Fox Memorial Public Art Project
A veteran, an educator, a passionate Londoner.
Veteran Charley Fox dedicated his life to ensuring the memories of fallen veterans would be shared with youths and future generations. Before he died, Charley Fox spearheaded many causes including his "Torchbearers" project to honour Canadian Forces members, past and present. He spoke passionately about the service Canadian military veterans perform and kept veterans' stories alive while encouraging school boards to ensure Remembrance Day ceremonies were held annually.
This public art project will be sited in the centre of the roundabout located at the Charley Fox Memorial Overpass (Hale Street and Trafalgar Street CN Overpass). Surviving members of his family have indicated that, although the bridge is named after him, the public art project should recognize all branches of the Canadian military.
This is London’s first roundabout; it will help to alleviate heavy traffic stoppages caused by the frequent arrival of passenger and freight trains, as well it provides local pedestrians and motorists with a safe, efficient passageway over a busy railway corridor.
Goals of this Public Art Project are to:
  • Create a public Art piece which will enhance the surrounding site
  • Be permanent, easily maintained and sustainable
  • Be respectful of the veteran community and to all men and women currently serving
The public Art project budget is $100,000.00, which includes all design, fabrication, insurance, travel, installation costs/fees and applicable taxes.

*Artists selected for the proposal phase will submit a detailed budget with their final proposal.
The deadline for submissions is Monday, March 14 before 3:00 p.m.
For more information, site considerations, submission requirements, etc:
Charley Fox Memorial Public Art Project
If you are not able to access the link, please visit LondonArts.ca > London Arts Council > News > "Charley Fox Memorial Public Art Project"

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London Arts Council251 Dundas Street, London ON, N6A 6H9

Charley Fox Memorial Public Art Project: Charley Fox Memorial Public Art Project

Observation/Article 1, March 08, 2011

Charley Fox Memorial Public Art Project: Charley Fox Memorial Public Art Project: "Hi my name is, Joy Kissoon I live, and work in the community of London, Ontario, Canada. In 2010 I made my first attempt to reveal a p..."

Charley Fox Memorial Public Art Project

Observation/Article 1, March 08, 2011                         

Hi my name is, Joy Kissoon I live, and work in the community of London, Ontario, Canada.  In 2010, I made my first attempt to reveal a personal side to me by registering with London Art Council (LAC).  I created a profile, then needed to wait for approval which took a while then I attempted to upload my paintings and found it almost impossible.  Finally, I was able to upload 1 painting after shrinking it.  I then proceeded to check the information on the site and found the 1 pic. I uploaded after much ado wasn't in public viewing.  Okay!  I'll have to find another way to reveal my Art to the public.
I never tried to access the LAC account again, because I found it to be limiting at best.  Since this time I've received some updates from LAC most of which I found to be quite useless, until today.
I was sent information to apply for the; Charley Fox Memorial Public Art Project and Chris Doty Award of Excellence, and for the first time I was actually able to open, view & use the application.  The opportunity to focus on my Art intrigues me to no end. 
I've officially sent off my application to LAC today and now I've decided to also upload some of my paintings to YOUTUBE.  If I get this project, I intend to pole Londoners regarding my final proposal for completion of The Charley Fox Memorial project.  I've been  painting for the last 12--15 years and want to post some of my Paintings for the public viewing.
Another pressing concern of mine as a health care professional in North America, is the level of pain, illness and suffering in our society.  If I get this project, I intend to use whatever money is left over after the project completion to start a Non-Profit North American Treatment/Wellness Centre.  My Art and my professional background will be a huge asset in creating "A Publicly available Wellness & Treatment Centre."

This Display has been altered:  Genuine artist oil paintings with an arcylic.

This Public Art Project with LAC is going into it's final stage--I am nolonger a participant.
This post was updated on Mar.24/2011 By Joy Kissoon

Nov. 2021 -- 
I'm adding a small design based on the Facebook page that was initially created in March 2011.