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Wednesday 15 June 2011

HST--Your Opinion & Thought.....mmmm

Observation/Article 11, June 15, 2011

I changed my way of spending on or before the HST was introduced. I look around and see how this tax has crippled businesses in this province and do wonder---Is It All About Money? Doesn't anyone stop to say a kind word, or lend a helping hand when monetary contributions are not an incentive?
Does anyone truly believe all problems can be solved with money? Let me answer that question-- Actually I'd have to say based on a rough estimate that 90% of the population do believe, that all their problems would be automatically fixed if they got suddenly rich....All I say to that theory is good luck trying--

The HST stems from this said belief -- Does anyone understand how much stress it puts on the body when an individual is putting their all into building a life and working diligently only to have half of his or her earnings slashed through a series of different taxes---?
Really true Solutions do not come by sitting and taking the easy way out---

As a nurse let me simply point out a few of the many cascading effects of the implementation of the Super Tax Dog--"The HST'.
Each household now needs to cut, and change previous spending and living habits--Does anyone have any idea how extremely difficult this kind of change is for individuals--? What's the point of getting a raise if your cost of living keeps exceeding your said income--?

We should all know by now what happens to us when we continue to live in a stressful society-- If you didn't know--well this is it--we become bored, depressed, anxious, irritable, lack of sleep (insomnia), self neglect, family neglect, societal neglect----ultimately assisting to create the society we live in today! 

Observation/Article 11, June 15, 2011

Do you also know that Stress is the leading cause of chronic and terminal diseases? Is the cost of health care going up? Is job performance getting better or worse, this you can judge for yourself by checking out research on overall sick days. Businesses are suffering because consumers are buying second hand--YEP! Second hand--hand me downs--why not? It's one way to survive, sharing--being better neighbors and family would be an excellent suggestion if implemented well, buying from roadside vendors or garage sales, flea markets are some of the ways of managing shopping. There's also a multitude of ways for managing your household and living within your means--huh--What?--Living within our means--well that's another story with the vast research available on household debts. 

Just a word to the wise---NO amount of credit card regulations and wasted legalities is going to help the situation one bit...Why? Easy---we live in a debt riddled society, where we expand our wants to match our friends, neighbors and society. This way of living does not decrease the tension but really elevates it like no other...

Bottom line productivity drops---so why? I keep asking myself--WHY? DOESN'T ANYONE IN AUTHORITY HAVE REAL SOLUTIONS THAT WON'T CRIPPLE AND DISTRESS A NATION?

As an individual working in the community I see things that is absolutely shocking -- Do you ever wonder what's it all for? Why does any of us have, or need to be rich? Personally, I apply myself because challenges brings, or adds excitement to my life. My interest has always been the human brain, and it's limits...or lack there of! Interesting don't you think? Money will never bring me true happiness in any lifetime and this I firmly believe -- people is the true essence of life and this should be treasured, but it saddens me to no end that we've really lost this ability as a society.
Have a great Day to all and anyone that have the luxuary of time...Joy Kissoon